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  1. Thanks for your excellent products. Entirely satisfied. Delicious product. Homemade sweets & Snacks.

  2. Everything is great but the discount coupons provided are not useful at all.

    I used to order once in a month (you can check my order history) and the discount coupon is attached to the delivery with a deadline of 10 to 15 days and anyways this is not useful as I will place my next order next month only.

    Request you to look into this and provide genuine discount coupons to regular customers who are ordering once in a month.

    Otherwise, service and products all good that’s why I am ordering regularly for the past few years.

    Thank you!!!

  3. Packaging was done well. All eatables and pickles are very tasty and authentic. Thank you NS for making these available.

  4. Very good products
    I enjoyed the mysore pak immensely
    Excellent customer service and delivery
    I am very satisfied.

  5. Extremely prompt and well packaged delivery. Overall smooth experience as always

  6. The website was easy to navigate; the delivery was quick and in time!

  7. Food / Snack items were well packed in airtight bags/sashe and delivered in time

  8. The products booked on 06.09.2021 was delivered on 11.09.2021 took nearly 6 days.

  9. Very delicious and healthy food items.u lived it . marvelous and yemmy too by

  10. Website navigation needs to improve. Once an item is put on the cart and ‘continue shopping’ button is clicked, it should take the user back to the items list page.

  11. Initially when I saw the ad on Facebook, I thought it’s a scam. But then I checked the website and I was building up some trust in them and ordered my one of my favorites, Muscoth halwa. As I’m from Kerala there is no place from where I can get these delicious halwas. I’m gonna order Tirunelveli halwa next, and then Iruttukadai halwa.

  12. It’s costly because of courier service charge we understand if you increase the quantity we will be more happy 😊

  13. Romba nalla சுவையுடன் கூடிய பண்டங்கள் . மிகவும் அருமை. கொஞ்சம் விலைதான் ஜாஸ்தி

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