Velliyanai Adhirasam – வெள்ளியணை அதிரசம்



Velliyanai Adhirasam – வெள்ளியணை அதிரசம்


he taste and unique sweetness of Adhirasam will make you fell in love for this. In Velliyanai they are still preparing this Adhirasam in traditional way


Product Description

Product Native: This unique traditional sweet of Tamil Culture is made in its best form in Velliyanai. A traditional village in Kongu Region, Tamil Nadu.

Specialty: A crispier Adhirasam with limited stuffing is always a treat to taste. This village has the unique traditional way of preparation which makes the perfect tastier Adhirasam. Making the dough ready for making Adhirasam is a 5 day process and preparing the dough by taking out rice at proper moisture is always a challenge. Here all the processes are manual and only two experienced people make this every day. Thus make the availability limited but the original taste was retained. This sweet is an integral part of TamilNadu’s Festivals and Family Functions.

Ingredients: Rice Flour (Arisi Mavu), Vellam (Jaggery), Cardamom (Aelakkai)

Taste: Sweet (Medium)

Allergy Warning: NA

Nature of the Food: Crispy sweet with stuffing

Best Suited for: Family Functions, Festivals like Deepavali, Kids, Sweet Lovers

ShelfLife: 20 days

“No Gluten, No Artificial flavours or colourings, No Additives or Preservatives”


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