Jujube Candy Full Seed – கொட்டை எலந்தவடை


Jujube Candy Full Seed – கொட்டை எலந்தவடை


Elandha Vadai were part of Tamil’s culture which are developed based on the land mass and life style. This unique taste cannot be found any where around the world.


Product Description

Product Native: A eatery that is integral part of Tamil Culture with more than 4000 years of histoy. This Native version of Elanthavadai or Jujube sweet is made with traditional values from Erode, TamilNadu (India)

Specialty: This unique sweet made using Indian Plum or jujube fruit (Eandha Plum) always standout for its unique taste and health benefits. This Jujube tree is one of the Temple Tree (Thala virucham) of Tamil Temples. A historical method used to preserve the medicinal herbs and trees. Thus it portrays the importance of this Fruit and historical value. This sweet made with the Jujube fruit is one unique taste that makes people of all ages fell in love for it.

Ingredients: Indian Plum or Jujube Fruit (Elandha Pazham), Jaggery (Vellam), Salt (Uppu)

Taste: Sweet and Sour

Allergy Warning: NA

Nature of the Food: Semisolid Texture

Best Suited for: Every one

Health Benefits: Rich in flavonoids named saponins which makes us sleep better, Ease the digestion

ShelfLife: 60 days

“No Gluten, No Artificial flavors or colorings, No Additives or Preservatives”


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