I am Thanmadhi and our kid did not had frequent Cold until he was 2 years. After that he started getting Cold quite often and anti biotics became a weekly intake. I was very much frustrated as I was not very comfortable with taking anti biotics. At least for two months my Dad was asking me to try Coconut milk with Sukku, Milagu, Kirambu, Aelakkai etc., But I was not very much confident as I tried Pepper, Turmeric, Chicken etc., so many times.



But after couple of months as nothing worked out and my boy started getting cold, fever, throat pain on regular intervels. As there is no other go I started trying the Coconut milk mix that my father suggested. Though it is little bit time consuming I started giving this to my boy every night before sleep for a week. He got cold on the third day after I started providing the Coconut milk mix. Usually in a day or two cold will become severe and he will get fever then we will run for the doctor. This had become a routine but this time there was a surprise. 


This coconut milk mix did not allowed the cold to get congest in the chest. Mucus was coming out through nose, cough and the intensity of the cold decreased day by day. After this I made this as a regular routine and started providing coconut milk mix every night. Now my boy is not only out of cold but he became strong, he gained weight but did not be became fat. For the past five months no antibiotics, no doctor and I am relieved.

How to make the Coconut milk mix for cold,


Required items:


1) Coconut - 1 (Cut into pieces) 2) Sukku - 1 table spoon 3) Milagu - 20 nos 4) Kirambu - 8 nos 5) Aelakkai - 2 nos





Mix all the above mentioned items and grind in mixie. Add required amount of water while grinding. After that place the mix in a light cloth and squeeze it to get the coconut milk out of it. Place it in a vessel add required amount of water. Heat for couple of minutes then add powdered karuppatti and mix it. Now your mix is ready for your kid. If you did not have access to karuppatti use very less amount of sugar for sweet.

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Dry cough (Varattu Irumal in Tamil) could probably the most disturbing thing once it is on us or to our kids. As the cause for dry cough (varattu Irumal) can be of wide range of reasons it is always difficult to prevent it. For dry cough most adviseable solution is to smoothen the throat and make the life easier until your body reacts to it.



In order to smoothen the throat, for reducing the cough and pain there are many home based remedies that are in practice for years to list down a few,

1) Mix honey to hot water and consume it when cough is more

2) Use palm sugar instead of white sugar for milk

3) Just have the pure Hill Honey during the time of cough

Most of the dry cough remedies will have honey, because the soothing effect  that pure honey can provide is unmatchable to any medicine. When we were in United States doctors officially suggest pure honey for dry cough. Only if it cannot be controlled even after 20 days they will go for anti biotics.

  • For Children 1 Year and Older: Use HONEY, 2 to 5 mL, as needed. It thins secretions and loosens the cough. Recent research has shown that honey is better than drugstore cough syrups at reducing the frequency and severity of nighttime coughing.

As we understand honey is the most effective controller of dry cough, we also need to look into the fact that getting original honey is the biggest challenge. If you have accessibility to real honey then it is a gift.

As part of reviving our native specialities, is availing you pure Kombu Thaen (Honey taken from tree tops) from Koodalur Adhivasi's and Hill Honey from Karandamalai, Panri Malai of western ghats near Dindigul.

For kids above 1 year, 2 - 5 ML of honey daily would do wonders.

Hill Honey

Caution:  For children under 1 year age Honey should not be provided

To know simplest ways to find pure honey visit this youtube link  This could be the most simplest and right way to test the originality of Honey.

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