Nagercoil Nendran Chips

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Nagercoil Nendran Chips

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Nendran Chips making in nagercoil has a unique taste and appearance. It will be little thicker than usual Kerala chips and puffed up on the surface. The salty, garlic taste that you relish while consuming the Nagercoil Nendran chips will be divine. Nagercoil chips are one of those rare snacks which will make it tough to stop once you start consuming.
Place of Speciality : Nagercoil
Shelf life : 60 days without refrigerating
Instructions : None
Best Suited for : snack lovers
Best with : Palkova, Halwa
Ingredients : Coconut oil, Raw Plantain, Salt, Turmeric Powder


Nendran Chips is famous in Nagercio a town in the South of Tamil Nadu.  The name Nagercoil is synonymous with the Nendran chips, just as much as Kerala is known for the same. One of the major benefits of consuming banana chips is their fiber content.Fiber prevents constipation, lowers your blood cholesterol and controls your blood sugar levels. Consuming a diet rich in fiber also helps prevent disease, including cardiovascular disease and some types of cancer. Banana chips also serve as a source of iron, an essential mineral that benefits your health. Iron helps form hemoglobin and myoglobin.Banana chips -- like whole bananas -- boost your intake of potassium. Consuming banana chips helps to prevent the nausea, fatigue and constipation that can develop due to potassium deficiency.

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