Work From Home Snacks Combo

Srivilliputhur PalkovaSrivilliputhur Palkova

Work From Home Snacks Combo


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Product Description

1.Srivilliputhur Palkova(Srivilliputhur Khoa)
Srivilliputhur Palkova is a treat for sweet lovers. Milk Sweets are always special among the sweet items and Palkova is the queen of milk sweets. The semisolid texture and the flavour will make the Srivilliputhur palkova unique. No other place can provide tastier Palkova than its home place Srivilliputhur. Freshly packed delicious Palkova.

Ingredients : full-fat milk, sugar

ShelfLife: 15 days

2.Karur Thenga Mittai (Coconut Burfi)
Coconut Burfi or Thenga Mittai is sweet lovers prime. Karur near Trichy is the place were Thenga Mittai made with traditional taste. Fresh and tasty Thenga Mittai direct from Karur.

Ingredients : Grated Coconut, Granulated Sugar, Cardamom powder, Ghee

ShelfLife: 25 days

3.Kallakurichi Chinna Vengaya Murukku (Small Onion Chakli)
Chinna Vengayam (Small onion) has numerous health benefits. Chettiyar community from Kallakkurichi started making this unique kind of Murukku using the paste made of Chinna Vengayam (Small Onions). So far this is only made within families of Kallakurichi. Great snack for your coffee time.

Ingredients: Chinna Vengayam Paste (Small Onion), Cold press oil (Chekku ennai)

ShelfLife: 40 Days

4.Chinthalavadi Karamixture(Spicy mixture)

Mixture is the most common snack in Tamilnadu. Chinthalavadi village makes this mixture with a traditional touch. If you have tasted homemade mixture in the past and looking for a matching taste, then Chinthalavadi Mixture is your right choice. A great snack for your coffee any time. Traditional Kara mixture made with quality and care.

Ingredients : Channa, Spices

ShelfLife: 60 days

5.Sattur Kara Sevu (Spicy Kara Sev)

Sattur Sevu from Sattur Nadar kadai with relishing traditional taste. One of the most prefered spicy snack for the evening, perfect company for a Coffee. Sattur sevu’s special taste is mainly because of the addition of more pepper.

Ingredients: Besan flour, Rice flour, asafoetida, cumin seed, melted ghee, pepper powder

ShelfLife:  25 days

6.Kulithalai Ola Pakkoda (Ribbon Pakkoda)
Ola pakoda is also called as Ribbon pakoda, is a traditional crunchy country snack.This particular type of snack is famous during festival time. This snack is found special from the place Kulithalai (Village in Tamil Nadu). It has good health benefits of its high in calcium and has a good content of protein

Ingredients: Boiled rice, Red chillies, Garlic, Kadalai Mavu, Asafoetida, Oil

ShelfLife:  30 days