Vetapalem Masala Kaju/Cashews – వేటపాలెం మసాలా జీడిపప్పు


Vetapalem Masala Kaju/Cashews – వేటపాలెం మసాలా జీడిపప్పు



Product Description

Product Native: This homemade and handmade Masala Kaju product is a native snack of Vetapalem, Andhra Pradesh. Vetapalem is famous for cashew nuts all over India. cashew farming is more suitable for this region. There are so many cashew nut factories in Vetapalem. It is also very famous for Mangoes.

Speciality: Masala Kaju/Cashews are prepared with selected raw cashews mixed with spices such as Marsala, red chili powder, and ghee then it to perfect crunchy condition. This preparation process is completely hand-made, with the use of firewood. It is manual process and no artificial additives gives the unique & best taste. This snack is an ideal accompaniment with tea or coffee. Masala Kaju/Cashews are also a great snack for kids and also can store for a longer period and ideal for long trips.

Ingredients: Cashew nuts, Masala Powder, Ghee, Red chili Powder, Salt, Curry Leaves.

Taste: Strong Spicy

Allergy Warning: NA

Nature of the Food: Crunchy Spicy Snack

Best Suited for: Travel snacking, Coffee or tea accompaniment, Cashew or spice lovers

ShelfLife: 60 days

“No Artificial flavours or colorings, No Additives or Preservatives”

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