Palakollu Panasa Thonalu/పాలకొల్లు పనస తొనలు


Palakollu Panasa Thonalu/పాలకొల్లు పనస తొనలు



Product Description

Product Native: This homemade Palakollu Panasa Thonalu product is a native and Traditional sweet of both East and West Godavari district villages, Andhra Pradesh.

Specialty: Palakollu Panasa Thonalu sweet is very famous and Traditionally prepared during Dussehra, Diwali, and Sankranti festivals. Panasa Thonalu sweet has the shape & taste nearly like Panasa Pandu/Jack fruit that’s why this sweet name is called Panasa Thonalu in Telugu. Preparation of these Panasa Thonalu is completely hand-made and skillful with firewood, which will take more time for preparation and gives the best flavor and taste. while eating this sweet, we will get the taste of crispy structure inside along with the sweetness of Sugar Coating outer side. Thus providing a very unique and delicious taste. A grand sweet with much delicious taste that cannot be tasted anywhere. A perfect grand sweet for Kids, Adults, and Gifting purposes.

Ingredients: White flour (Godhuma Pindi), All-purpose flour (Maida Pindi), Butter (Venna), Sugar, Cardamom Powder (Yalakula Podi), Salt, Ghee

Taste: Sweet (Medium).

Allergy Warning: NA.

Best Suited for : Sweet Lovers, Grand and Unique Sweet Lovers.

Shelf Life:  60 days.

“No Gluten, No Artificial flavors or colorings, No Additives or Preservatives”

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