Godavari Bellum Gorumitilu – గోదావరి బెల్లం గోరుమిటీలు


Godavari Bellum Gorumitilu – గోదావరి బెల్లం గోరుమిటీలు



Product Description

Product Native: This homemade Godavari Bellum Gorumitilu product is a native and Traditional sweet of both East and West Godavari district villages, Andhra Pradesh.

Specialty: Gorumitilu sweet is very famous and Traditionally prepared during Dussehra Diwali and Sankranti festivals. The preparation of these Gorumitilu is completely hand-made with firewood, which will take more time for preparation and gives the best flavor and taste. Gorumitilu means in Telugu Goru ( Nail/ fingertip) Mitilu (Sweets) The sweets which are shaped from the fingertip of a hand (Hand made Sweets). while eating we will get the taste of crispy structure inside along with the sweetness of Jaggery outer side. Thus providing a very unique and delicious taste. A grand sweet with much delicious taste that cannot be tasted anywhere. A perfect grand sweet for Kids, Adults, and Gifting purposes.

Ingredients: Bombay Rava (Sooja), All-purpose flour (Maida Pindi), Wheat flour (Godhuma Pindi), Green Cardamom (Elakula Podi), Jaggery (Bellam Pakam), Vegetable Oil, Ghee.

Taste: Sweet (Medium).

Allergy Warning: NA.

Nature of the Food: Half moon cut pieces.

Best Suited for: Sweet Lovers, Grand, and Unique Sweet Lovers, Gifts and Present.

ShelfLife: 31 days.

“No Gluten, No Artificial flavors or colorings, No Additives or Preservatives”

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