Bhimavaram Prawns (Big Size) Pickle – భీమవరం రొయ్యలు (పెద్ద సైజు) ఊరగాయ


Bhimavaram Prawns (Big Size) Pickle – భీమవరం రొయ్యలు (పెద్ద సైజు) ఊరగాయ



Product Description

Product Native: This product is native and Traditionally prepared in Bhimavaram, it is a city surrounded by aqua farming villages in the West Godavari district of the Andhra Pradesh state of India. In Bhimavaram, Aqua forms are more which produce Prawns and have been developing day by day. Bhimavaram is near to Godavari river which remains to maintain freshwater for Aqua farming/Prawns forming throughout the year and it is one of the best city’s which produces and ships fresh & hygiene processed Prawns throughout India and abroad with various types in it.

Specialty: The Bhimavaram style Prawn Pickle is the perfect accompaniment to a wholesome meal. Farm-raised premium quality Prawns were used. Prawns are thoroughly deveined and washed to eliminate all kinds of non-veg odor. The prawns are marinated, deep-fried, and then added to an aromatic concoction of spices and ingredients that constitute the pickle. Tastes Tangy and Spicy. Packed with dense nutrition from the Prawns and the flavors of Bhimavaram, Also known as ‘Royyala Pachadi’ locally, it is a favorite amongst seafood lovers. The pickle can be eaten as a condiment with any kind of food and ready to serve. Packed with more pieces per unit weight of pickle. These delicious pickled prawns ready to be served with a bowl of hot Rice, Chapati, Roti, Naan, Dosa, Idly, and Vada, etc.

Health Benefits: Prawns are a good source of proteins for the body. Prawns have low cholesterol and high levels of vitamin B12, which makes them a portion of very healthy food for the heart. Calcium and vitamin E content in it maintains healthy skin, teeth, and bones. They are a low-fat source of protein. Highly rich in energy and low in fat. The high zinc level present in the prawns also improves cancer-fighting health. It treats the dead cells & tissue and helps the inner working of white blood cells.

Ingredients : Big Size Prawns (Royyalu), Groundnut oil, Turmeric Powder, Lemon juice, Ginger Paste (Allam Paste), Garlic Paste (Vellulli Paste), Cumin seeds (Jilakarra), Fenugreek Seeds Powder (Menthulu Podi), Mustard seeds (Ava Gingalu), Salt, Chilli Powder, Spices and Condiments (Masala dinusulu).

Shelf life : 30 Days

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