Amalapuram bellam jeedilu – అమలాపురం బెల్లం జీడీలు


Amalapuram bellam jeedilu – అమలాపురం బెల్లం జీడీలు



Product Description

Product Native: This product native is Amalapuram, Andhrapradesh(India).

Specialty: Bellam Jeedi or Jeedilu or Nuvvula Jeedi Candy. Most popular Childhood food in Andhra and also it’s the only chocolate for the ones who were born in the 1970s. Though, most of the chocolates were introduced in 1980s. Bellam jeedilu every kid’s all-time favorite crunchy sweet. Jaggery is made into a very thick syrup and mixed with sesame seeds. It is made into balls or cubes.
Quality ingredients are used to prepare Bellam Jeedilu Sweet which’s why it’s tasty & healthy.

Ingredients: Jaggery, Sesame Seeds, Ghee.

Nature of the food: Crunchy Sweet

ShelfLife:  45 Days.

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