Adathodai Manapagu – ஆடாதோடை மணப்பாகு

Adathodai Manapagu – ஆடாதோடை மணப்பாகு



Product Description

Adathodai is a Herbal Plant used in Siddha Medicine to cure various diseases such as coughs, colds, asthma, skin infections, fever, bleeding piles and inflammation. It has excellent Antibacterial component
The antibacterial action in the adathoda helps to treat patients suffering from inflammation and fever and the bitter taste of the adathoda leaf avoids insects.
The chemical compounds (Alkaloids) present in the adathoda leaf are used for treating the patient suffering from E-Coli, Typhoid and Pneumonia.
Leaf Extract mixed with Honey is Adthoda Manappaku.
Adathodai Leaf Extract
Direction of Usage:
5 – 10 gm Twice a day
Taken mixed with Tea/Milk will be an easy method to consume.
Lifetime: 360Days

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