Covid Safe Packing

Covid Safe Packing

Considering the seriousness of the COVID 19 situation we at NativeSpecial would want to be more cautious in our packing and delivery methods.  We sanitize our environment before starting our packing process and continue to repeat the process at regular intervals.

The packed products will be kept at a hygiene location.   After receiving the order we start packing our product with Glouses and Masks. Products will be packed in a carton box which is made up of 5 layers.

After much study and discussion, we came up with the most safer packing method for this situation.  The box will be covered with a thin layer of stretch film.  As the package is in shipment for 5 days there would not be any chance of active Viruses on the package.  But the only chance is while handling the package during delivery.  With these stretch film layers, the delivery person can touch only the outer layer and not the box.

Which keeps the food much safer and hygiene.

We request the customers to use hand gloves to receive the parcel and remove the stretch film and put it into the garbage.  Once the stretch film is removed the delivery box is completely safe and secure. 

Now you can open the carton box and Enjoy our Native treats with Covid safe packing.