Kombu Thaen

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Kombu Thaen

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Buy honey online from Nilagiri through NativeSpecial.com .  Honey is arguably the oldest sweetener used by man kind. The branded Honey that we get on shops are made in farms where bees will acquire honey from the sugar sack. Though they are original they did not have the medicinal benefits of original hill honey that are naturally acquired. We nativespecial.com get this Kombu Thaen directly from the tribes of Nilagiri.
Place of Speciality : Nilagiri
Shelf life : Forever (Without adding water)
Instructions : Follow this link to know how to find original honey
Best Suited for : Speed up Metabolism, Kids(above 1 year), Weight Loss, Constipation, Digestion
Best with : Amla, Idli, Benefits of honey - right combinations
Ingredients : Pure Honey from Nilgiri

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Buy Honey online at nativespecial.com to experience the values of real honey.  Honey was the primary source of Glucose before Sugar.  Check this link to read through the uses of honey.  Though Honey uses are unlimited, it is very difficult to get the original honey in the market.  NativeSpecial.com brings you the original honey from the hills of Nilagiris.  The Kombu thaen is directly from Nilagiri with out any aulteration.  Follow this link to find simple ways to test the originality of honey.  This honey can be used for medicines, kids above 1 year.  As honey is primary source of sweet and it will not change the chemical compositions of the medicines, honey was used as the primary combination of all traditional medicines.  Kombu thaen from NativeSpecial.com is 100% pure and it can definitely be used for medicinal purpose.

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