Sweets for Diwali (DEEPAVALI )

Preparing Sweets for Diwali is one of the most important happening before any Diwali. Though there are many attractions for Diwali like Crackers, New Movies, New Dresses etc., tasting great sweets are always the prime attraction. Days are gone where my mom along with my aunt get on to sweet preparation mode a week before Diwali and treat us all with our traditional savouries for minimum of 10 days. Having Diwali round the corner let us go through the most celebrated south indian traditional Diwali snacks.

1) Adhirasam

Whenever I think of any festival occasions first sweet that come to my mind is Adhirasam. My mom is an expert is making Adhirasam and am in eating them. With moderate sweetness you can eat many numbers at a same time. Along with home made mixture Adhirasam can easily be the best sweet for Diwali. As it is made of jaggery and not sugar this is healthy too.

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2) Seedai

Seedai is the most common traditional sweet for special occassions. Alike other sweets you cannot get a quality Seedai any where on the regular shops. Mostly Seedai is made at home. There are many number of Seedai varieties available like sweet seedai, kara seedai, ellu seedai etc., This will be good for many days and no need to refrigerate. I usually take a pack from home after Diwali and munch for weeks. Ellu seedai is very healthy for kids.

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3) Kara Mixture

Mixture can be the most common snack of South India. You cannot go with sweets alone for the Diwali occassion. Mixture can be a very good combination for any sweet recipe. Some how Mixtures made at home are always bigger and less tastier than the local shops. I love the Diwali evenings with Mixture and Adhirasam.

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4) Murukku

Murukku are part of family functions, festivals etc., obviously Diwali sweets are not complete with out Murukku. Manapparai in tamilnadu is very famous for its murukku because it is the only place where they use the double fry technique. Murukku is fried twice to get the crispiness.

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I hope I listed all the traditional items that are always part of Diwali sweets and snacks. Follow the mentioned links to either prepare the Diwali sweets at home or to order them online to taste the authentic Diwali sweets at home. Enjoy your Diwali occation with special sweets and snacks.