Kadukkai Benefits

Kadukkai benefits are numerous and its uses are recorded as part of many siddha books over centuries. Kadukkai tree grow

above 1000 metres from the see level. TamilNadu is the origin of Kadukkai Tree.

Though there are numerous meidcinal benefits, below are the most practical ways of using Kadukkai. These are proven uses,

Kadukkai Benefits

1) Gastric wound (Vayitrup punn)

If gastric wound is your long standing problem, kadukkai could be the most viable cure. Combine Kadukai powder with
pure honey and take one tea spoon quantity every day. With in a month’s time you should see improvement on your gastric
wounds. To know the easiest way to find pure honey visit the link – How to find pure honey

2) External wounds

Any external wound can be cured by Kadukai water. Boil water with kadukai and wash your external wounds with the water
this could cure all kind of wounds.

3) Toilet Issues

If your morning is getting tough because your toileting was not smooth then Kaudkkai is best medicine. The issues with
toilet may look simple but this could be the starting point for a much bigger problem. The Astringent (Thuvarppu) taste
of Kadukkai is the reason for its medicinal value.

This has the abiilty to clear out the food path and ease your morning.

Caution: Kadukkai seed is not good for health so all the medicinal benefits are on the skin of Kadukkai. Remove the seed
before using Kadukkai.