Benefits of Honey

Listing down Benefits of Honey could be a never ending task. Honey is a very special kind of food as it was the only food item that we consume which was digested by other living creature. As this was already digested by Honey bee’s it has more medicinal values than any other food items. But the challenge lies in getting original honey as there are many adultered honey packs available in the market. Though most of the branded honey packs are original but they lack in nutrition because they are collected in farms were bees are made to collect honey from sugar coated sacks. But the original medicinal value of honey is because of the various flowers that bee’s collect honey. So being accessible to real nutritious honey is always a challenge.

Though honey has many medicinal values while consuming it alone, health benefits of honey can be enhanced by having it with right combinations. Below are the few combinations that can enhance the benefits of Honey,

1) Primary benefit of honey and milk combination is that it is good for the heart if you consume every night. It would be better if you add honey instead of Sugar.

2) If honey consumed with Pomogranate juice it enhances the fresh blood creation. This is very good for people with less RBC count

3) Honey with Lemon juice is a wonderful solution for Cough (Irumal). This is the best solution for cough (Irumal).

4) If Honey is consumed with Amla (Nellikkai) it enhances the secretion of Insulin. This is very good for the Sugar patients.

5) Honey with Orange juice will give you peaceful. This will be good for people who are taking sleeping pills for their daily sleep.

6) Coconut Milk with Honey will cure the wounds in Mouth and intestine. Very good for people with alser.

7) Ginger and Honey can relieve you from Pitham.
8) Honey with Carrot can help overcome Anemia. Also the combination improves the eyesight.

9) Benefits of honey with hot water is that it keeps the urinary tract healthy by increasing the frequeyncy of urination.

All the above mentioned uses of honey are proven methods of cure for the respective problems. Please take medical tests every month to see the improvement after you start consuming this for your problem. This will all be beneficial only if you have access to the original honey. Click here to see the video which displays the simplest methods to find the original honey. is getting real honey (Kombu thaen, Malai thaen) from different parts of western ghats from Koodalur to Pachalur.

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